Mission Statement

My vision is to share my expertise with parents, teachers and children ensuring the education of the whole child and the continuation of children’s natural awe of learning. My work specifically supports children’s socio-emotional growth through the practice of their humanity daily. This is particularly critical during this time of social distancing.

One thing that brick and mortar schools invited was socialization amongst its stakeholders. With the need to socially distance to remain safe, our children’s social interactions are much more limited, and an entire range of interpersonal skills normally taught by our educators is lost. Navigating the skill set of social interaction now falls to parents along with all of the other new educational responsibilities which have moved from school to home.

This website is called “Learn with Me Remotely” because it provides much-needed tools that will assist parents in teaching their children the essential socio-emotional life lessons that they are missing by not experiencing a full, normal, socialized school setting.

Dr. Mindy Shaw