Character Matters – Joe Biden a President with Character

Dr. Shaw,

Thank you for teaching our children that character and decency matters. Your ability to write real and important information in a developmentally appropriate way for children to understand is exemplary.

I Like How You Speak to Me – A Parents Guide to Effective Communication with Children

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your guide to effective parent-child communication was exactly what my family needed.  I asked for it and, wow, you delivered it.  I have wholeheartedly recommended this book to every family I know.  Well done!

Taking Turns – Good Sportsmanship – Keeping Your Word – Joy

I simply LOVE Dr. Shaw’s nonfiction books!  As a teacher myself, I can never find such substantive nonfiction books for children.  My students not only love Dr. Shaw’s books, I love that they learn so much in the realm of social/emotional skills. I plan to purchase them all… one is just more informative than the other.

Let’s All Be Friends – I Like How You Speak to Me

I am a first grade teacher as well as a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with autism.  Your book titled Let’s Be Friends teaches children the important lessons that it is important to be inclusive and that we learn more from one another when we celebrate our differences.  I also love your insight for children that we are more the same than we are different.  Just like your other picture books, this one teaches such valuable learning lessons.


Bravo, Dr. Shaw!  I look forward to the weekly release of your podcast every Tuesday. As a new teacher, I find your insights to be incredibly helpful.

Stubborn – Agree to Disagree – Responsibility

I love the three topics in this book!  As a mother of a boy in 2nd grade and a girl in kindergarten, I am always struggling with how to teach life lessons and values to my young children.  The way these stories address being stubborn or having responsibility in a manner that kids can relate to is so valuable.  And then there’s the story called “Agree to Disagree”… what an amazing idea to teach that concept to kids this young… SO SMART!  We are grateful to Dr. Shaw for this book and her whole series.

Worry/Anxiety – Time Out is Time In – Needs and Wants

We have been living in difficult times, and this book and Dr. Shaw’s other books like it are so valuable.  Our children need strategies to help them deal with their worries and anxieties.  And the simplicity with which Dr. Shaw teaches about a tricky topic like the difference between what you need and what you want or about being reflective when you are timed out is truly remarkable.  Keep these books coming!


Short and sweet… perfectly delivered information that opens my eyes every week!

I Like How You Speak to Me – A Parents Guide to Effective Communication with Children

We so appreciate your parenting guide book.  It’s simple and clear and profound.  Most importantly, when we follow your recommendations, your system works!

I Love You More – Forgiveness – Generous

My niece, nephew and I really got a lot out of the story called I Love You More when we read it together. It reflected a lot of the learning lessons that we have been working on together. We often say “I love you more” in our household, and this story helped us to discuss what it really means to love one another.  I also appreciated the story called Forgiveness because it is often hard to teach that concept to young children.  Generous is also a great story as it explores what it means to be generous which is another topic that can be difficult to explain to children.  Overall, these are great stories with Min Min and Olivia and we can’t wait to read more.

Accomplishment – A Girl Named Lily – Courage

This book is a heartfelt trio of stories. A Girl Named Lily teaches us the important of inclusion and acceptance. The Courage story has a great lesson that even when we are brave we can feel afraid and Accomplishment shows us (and our kids) that if we think we can do something, we will be able to reach our goals.

I Like How You Speak to Me… A Parent’s Guide to Effective Communication with Children

Dr. Shaw,

I’ve been listening to your podcast every Tuesday when it comes out, and I am one of the parents that requested that your write a parenting book. I can’t thank you enough for your parent’s guide to communication with children.  You truly delivered with simple strategies and recommendations to follow.

Lying – Sorry – Fear

Dear Dr. Shaw,

This book is so helpful. I learned that if you know that you have to lie about something you shouldn’t do it anyway. I also learned that if you are truly sorry then you need to change your behavior and that there is both good fear and bad fear. Good fear keeps us safe and bad fear keeps us from moving forward. You write great books because you show your respect for children and encourage them to take responsibility.



Bullying – Patience

While the “Bullying” title attracted me to this book because it is such a hot topic, I was impressed by both stories in this book as models for young children.  The “Patience” story really had valuable strategies for our family, and of course the lessons from the “Bullying” story are so important to discuss as well. Dr. Shaw’s non-fiction books for kids really do a great job of presenting an honest look at some of the challenging aspects of life, but they are done in a way that the children actually enjoy the stories.

Anger – The New Kid – Competition

I love this book!  The story about Anger shares great strategies for expressing anger in healthy ways.  In Competition we get to realize that there are both negative and positive aspects to how we are when we compete.  Finally, The New Kid is so important to read and read again because it reminds us not to judge anyone because they look different that we do. Way to go, Dr. Shaw!

Flexible – Friendship – Frustration

I love the way these 3 F’s are gathered together in this book, and they are all so important. This book gives kids a great understanding of what it means to be flexible, what it means to be a good friend and what you can do when you are frustrated.  2020 was such a difficult year for our children, so to have this book and all of Dr. Shaw’s series is so helpful.

Grit – Greedy

I really enjoyed this book. We hear about GRIT all the time and this book really sums up what it means and why it’s important.  And the lessons about being greedy are so essential for children to understand… let’s be happy with what we have… thanks for the reminder, Dr. Shaw!

I Like How You Speak with Me – A Parent’s Guide to Effective Communication with Children

As a weekly follower of your podcast, I am one of the parents who asked you to write a parenting guide.  I cannot thank you enough for following through on my request. I am here to tell other families that if you follow Dr. Shaw’s recommendations in her new parenting guide, life at home with your children will be much more peaceful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Shame – Mad – Showing Off

5 Stars!  I love how Dr. Shaw teaches us in this book that there is no reason for shame when making a mistake. She shows us how mistakes are simply learning lessons.  She also teaches that often, show off’s are bullies and that when you have real skills or knowledge there’s no reason to show off.  And “Mad” is a good reminder for kids that it’s natural to feel mad and that we can express that emotion in an appropriate manner.

Character Matters – Joe Biden, A President with Character

I am a second grade teacher and your book on the Biden election teaches young children so much.  It not only addresses what makes a good president, but it presents relevant recent news events in a way that young children can understand.