Dr. Mindy Shaw is a driven educator who sets the highest standards for herself and leads by example. She is respected by deed and accomplishment. She has a great deal of talent and insight and is held in the highest regard by staff, parents and students. She is viewed as a leader…
Peter Brenner, Sr.
– Former Superintendent, New York State Schools

Mindy has been a driving force…. She has always pushed her students to believe in themselves and to do the very best they can do while also showing them compassion and having fun at the same time.
Karen Buchanan
– Teaching Partner

We had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Dr. Shaw for three consecutive years with our son. As a 5-year old poor communicator with many social/emotional/academic needs, Dr. Shaw “translated” for him. Our precious little boy was given a voice, thanks to her ability to see and feel what he needed. Throughout those first few school years, our family received an advocate and friend. Our son is now in fourth grade and thriving, many thanks to her efforts, professionalism and overall gift to make a difference to those children that need it most.
Parent: Melissa S.

Dr. Shaw creates a wonderful atmosphere of caring and community. The children learn to understand how they fit into their world in positive ways and how their own actions matter to both themselves and others.
Parent: Tara C.

When our oldest child came home from school on her first day of kindergarten, she told us “ I am a reader and a writer”. Since that very day, she has been a lover of learning. What an amazing beginning, and we cannot thank Dr. Mindy Shaw enough for that! She nurtured all of our 4 children, each in an unique, individual way, and she was able to bring out the best of each of them. And THAT’S what makes a great educator!
Parent: Melissa S. & Joey P.

I was always impressed by Mindy’s way with the children. She is a gentle, yet fierce, Spirit with a tremendous capacity for love, compassion, empathy, gratitude and humility. She had such an immense respect for the children and families that she served. I believe this allowed her to reach them on a deeper level than most. I witnessed her often go above and beyond curriculum to often advocate and teach the children useful life lessons, such as, acceptance of other’s differences. She once taught the children about the different Love Languages people use to communicate. With a deep sense of humanity, her unique lessons enriched her classroom experience and promoted a supportive environment for learning.
Parent: Indigo M.

Dr. Mindy Shaw taught me as a kindergarten student that it was always okay to make mistakes and in education, there is no mistakes only opportunities to learn and grow. By not having erasers in our classroom it allowed me to grow up with a different perspective on education and how to grow as a writer. I also was able to make life long connections with my peers in the classroom due to the way Dr. Mindy Shaw allowed us to interact with each other and express ourselves in our own unique ways.
Kasey A. – Student