Series of Unprecedented Children’s Nonfiction Books Available Now as Tools for Parents and Educators in an Era of Remote and Hybrid Education

Collection Consists of Single-Chapter E-books and Multi-Chapter Paperbacks

New York, NY – October 6, 2020 – Lifetime educator, Dr. Mindy Shaw, has utilized her years of experience teaching children in the 4 to 8 year old age group to develop a profound series of nonfiction picture books that examine emotions, feelings, life events and life lessons for the purpose of social and emotional learning.  The books, which are available as single-chapter e-books and multi-chapter paperbacks, were created to fulfill an immediate and dire need to bring a socio-emotional curriculum into the homes of school-age children who have had their educational locations uprooted and transformed into remote and hybrid learning.   The over forty (40) e-books and fourteen (14) paperbacks can be found now on and its companion Kindle Store:

During her over thirty years as a teacher, Dr. Shaw maintained a philosophy of “teaching humanity daily.”  Her goal has always been to educate the whole child by creating a classroom atmosphere that included social and emotional learning in order to make certain that children grow into contributing members of society.   Dr. Shaw always felt that by focusing on children’s abilities to exhibit good manners, live by the golden rule, master interpersonal skills and maintain an understanding of emotions, it would foster an element of a child’s education that is equal in importance to science, math and language skills.  As a result, her series of nonfiction books presents an extraordinarily simple yet direct approach to discussing feelings with children and exploring their often emotionally challenging daily events of life.

“There is a long history, both at home and in schools, of treating children as if they don’t understand or shouldn’t be exposed to an honest appraisal of emotions or events,” commented Dr. Shaw.   “The reality is, however, that children, from their pre-school years onward, are wide-eyed and inspired by learning, and one of the best actions parents and educators can take is to have serious discussions about emotions and events in a developmentally appropriate fashion.”


Following that philosophy, those discussions are exactly what Dr. Shaw’s new series of books deliver.   With striking titles such as “Anger,” “Shame,” “Happy,” and “Accomplishment,” her series based on feelings invites an examination of the wide range of emotions a child might encounter, but with an approach that makes certain that no feeling is incorrect and that all feelings need a safe form of expression.   Her series on life events and life lessons also takes an honest and direct path to education with titles such as “Lying,” “Forgiveness,” ‘’Showing Off,” and even “The Death of a Pet.”

Incredibly, most of these themes are covered in the Dr. Shaw books via sweet dialogue between the characters in the books, a grandmother and her granddaughter, who are based upon the real life relationship between Dr. Mindy Shaw and her eldest granddaughter, Olivia.   It was, in fact, Olivia’s questions about life and feelings that motivated Dr. Shaw to gather this essential material to be shared with parents, educators and of course, the children.   “The most important educational elements that I feel that I can provide to parents right now in a time of remote learning are the tools and the language to have these important topics discussed appropriately,” added Dr. Shaw.

Dr. Mindy Shaw has been an educator for over thirty (30) years. She holds a Doctorate in Education, an administration degree, a certification in reading recovery, a certification in regular education and a Masters Degree in Special Education.   She created and implemented a multi-age inclusion classroom that encouraged authentic quality relationships among the children, the parents and the faculty.   Her classroom environment established a learning paradigm through which the older children mentored the younger children in the program.    Dr. Shaw’s philosophy states that everyone needs to feel safe in order to take risks, explore, learn and grow.   She always maintained a classroom climate based on friendly, respectful and cooperative interactions which in turn encouraged the educational growth and well-being of everyone in the room.    As a mother of two children, one of whom was born paralyzed from the waist down due to Spina Bifida, she has always been a strong advocate for inclusion, and she believes that we learn by highlighting our differences and by celebrating our diversity.

Dr. Mindy Shaw is available now for interviews and appearances.

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