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Summary of Podcast Ep.1

Summary of the First Episode of Dr. Mindy Shaw’s Podcast

In the first episode of my podcast series titled TEACHING HUMANITY REMOTELY, there is a discussion about what that title means and what it means to teach humanity.    The starting point of the conversation is a discussion of my lifelong philosophy about educating young children throughout the decades that I spent educating and mentoring children in the 4 to 8 year old age range.

As you can see in the biography and other sections of my website, it was always important to me to create a safe and inclusive environment where all students and faculty members were treated as equals, and that’s where practicing humanity daily begins.    The podcast then talks about what teaching or practicing humanity really is… is it having good manners, is it the expression of feelings, is it the development of social skills?   As you’ll hear, it’s all of those things and more.

Next, I have a chance to explain how I started my schoolyear every Fall and how having a multi-age class set up a system of children mentoring other children.   I share the benefits of having a pre-school picnic where the quality relationships that were so important in the classroom were born.   We talk about the attitude learned from “The Little Engine that Could” and then the conversation leads to a chat about the more than forty single-chapter e-books that I have been fortunate enough to create recently.   These e-books were created to deliver a curriculum of social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as to truly help parents who currently have the extra pressure of remote or hybrid education on their plates along with all of the other responsibilities of parenting.

Children are missing a huge piece of their socialization right now due to remote and hybrid learning, and the book series can help.  They are simple but profound picture books and they explore positive and negative feelings, life events and life lessons.   They are also available in multi-story paperbacks, all o Amazon, and there are links to everything as well as a free sample book called LEARNING REMOTELY all on this website under the BOOKS tab.

I am all about being of service and sharing my years of experience with children, and I’m thrilled to have the medium of podcasting to share it all.