Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Ep. 28

In this latest podcast episode, the 28th in my series, it’s another brief discussion as we continue to review, and actually wrap up our recap of the first major section of my new parenting book.  That book is titled I LIKE HOW YOU SPEAK TO ME… A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH CHILDREN, and it’s designed as a “how to” for parents, family members or teachers.  As the title indicates, the book was designed specifically to provide parents, teachers, and any adult, a clear path to effective communication with children.

My parenting book is divided into three sections, and the first section of the book lays out what I call my “10 Governing Principles” for communicating with children. These ten principles are interlocking and essential, and when one understands these principles and exercises the muscle of using them ALL, communication with children will be clear and effective.

For ten weeks in a row, I have used my podcast to take a deeper dive in each of the 10 governing principles for effective communication with children, one at a time, podcast after podcast. This podcast contains the TENTH and final discussion in that series, and the tenth governing principle that I’ve outlined as essential for communicating with children is to BE PRESENT AND IN THE MOMENT.

Clearly, we should always want to be present and in the moment in our lives, it’s not always so easy, especially when raising children. There’s lots to do, and there always seems to be a stressful moment.  Sometimes those moments get in the way of paying attention to the one entity that needs your attention right then and there, your child. Your child may come to you at a bad time… you may be in the middle of preparing dinner or juggling a number of other things all at once. Your child may have a real issue and a real need for your attention, but if you simply react quickly and stay focused on your chores you are likely missing an important parenting moment.  If you are present and “in the moment,” you will see what’s needed and pay the appropriate attention to your child.

Being in the moment, again is one of my 10 governing principles and it is intended to be used and applied in tandem with the other 9, and between this podcast series and her new parenting book, I am thrilled to share some great strategies for getting your parent-child communication to actually work.

My new parenting book has two more sections in addition to the Ten Governing Principles for Effective Communication with Children. The book also includes a short children’s picture book that models how to communicate with children, and that’s followed by a Q&A section where I answer the ten most frequently asked questions that I received from parents (plus one bonus question). I’m very proud of this book, and you can find my new parenting guide here:

The next podcast will focus on the tenth and final governing principle from my new book for parents, so please stay tuned for that. Thanks for visiting and for listening.  You can hear Podcast 28 here:


And you can find my parenting book here:






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