Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Ep 14

In my latest podcast episode, number 14 in this series, we are focused on one of my favorite educational topics, the subject of LEARNING LESSONS.  There’s a lot to consider regarding learning lessons, and we begin with a definition of what a learning lesson involves.  What we state is that when there is a learning lesson, there is a shift or impact on behavior or academic ability.

First, we talk about learning to read, then we dive into another example which is learning how to share.   Then, there’s a detailed reference to my nonfiction children’s books called ANGER and we review the strategies presented in that book regarding how a child can learn to safely and appropriately express the feeling of anger.   We also talk briefly about my book called SORRY, and again, the discussion is about how to use the contents and the talking points of the book to change the child’s behavior.   There’s also a reminder that parents and teachers often need to “scaffold” with a child in order to truly deliver the lesson.

We also talk about the important function of the mistake, or “mis-take,” and how it contributes to learning.   A key point in this part of the discussion is to celebrate that very special time in the learning process when there is an openness and a celebration of not knowing.  It is in the phase of not knowing that the exploration and the learning happens.   As a child learns something, they might get stuck and they might need help, BUT, when we have no shame or embarrassment about a mistake, it will eliminate the negativity and make the process of learning inspirational.   You will see a big difference in how a child is engaged in their learning process if we provide a lightheartedness about the mistakes that are made during the learning opportunity.

To lighten that psychological load and stress for a child by embracing the mistake, it will give the child a greater sense of accomplishment.   Let’s not deny ourselves learning lessons and understand that one should not know something before they learn it, and let’s understand that the mistakes lead to learning.

If you’re just being introduced to my children’s books for the first time, I have developed an extensive series of single-story e-books and multi-story paperbacks for social and emotional learning.   They are picture books that can be read as children’s stories would be read… at bedtime or repeatedly.  The characters recur which gives children a sense of connection and relatability.  The books are all here on this website under the books tab, and they were all created to help busy parents have the tools and the language to support social and emotional learning at home or in schools… it’s my way of continuing to be of service in the field of education.





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