Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Ep. 6

In this episode, I start by answering a question that was a follow-up from an earlier podcast.   A listener wanted to know what I meant by “socializing a child’s behavior,” and I spend a moment in this podcast going through a detailed explantation of what that means and I use specific examples.    Essentially, socializing a child’s behavior is done by modeling.    If you, as a parent, find yourself not behaving in a manner in front of your child or children that you feel is inappropriate, it is best to point out that behavior and discuss it.   Because children relate to an honest appraisal of what is happening around them, an open discussion about emotional actions and reactions are the best teaching tools in order to steer a child’s behavior in the best possible direction.

For the remainder of this podcast, we dive into on of the “Feelings” books in my series of books dealing with soci0-emotional learning.     I read aloud the book titled SHAME, and we discuss the important message contained in the story.    Shame discusses the feeling of embarrassment that a child might feel when making a mistake.    This book, however, takes a different approach to mistakes and treats them not as negatives but as learning lessons.   In my classroom, erasers were not permitted, and that’s because erasing a mistake erases the opportunity to learn from one’s error.   We talk about the “mis-take” from the point of view of filmmaking when an actor might deliver their lines in Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 and so forth.   With each “take,” there is an invitation to improve upon the last “take” and therefore a “mis-take” is simply a chance to get better.

All of my books, the multi-chapter paperbacks or the single chapter e-books, are all about helping over-burdened parents to have the tools and the language to share in a child’s social and emotional development.   All of the books are linked to Amazon right here on this website under BOOKS.

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