Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Ep 25

In this latest podcast episode, the 25th in this series, the discussion continues with the central theme of my latest book project.  I’m thrilled to say that I recently assembled and published my first book designed FOR PARENTS. The book is titled I LIKE HOW YOU SPEAK TO ME… A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH CHILDREN, and it’s designed as a “how to” for parents, family members or teachers. The goal of the books is as the title implies… to provide a clear path to effective communication with children.

As you may have heard me mention, my new parenting book is divided into three sections, and the first section of the book forms the backbone of this parenting guide … it’s my “10 Governing Principles” for communicating with children, and for the last number of weeks on my podcasts I have been taking a deeper dive into each of those ten guiding principles, one at a time, podcast after podcast. This podcast contains the SEVENTH discussion in that series, and the seventh governing principle that I’ve listed as essential for communicating with children is to HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

During this podcast, I relate a couple of stories that exemplify what it means to maintain high expectations for both your child and for yourself. One example literally appeared to me recently while walking in my neighborhood… a mom was bringing her two young daughters back to their home, apparently from school or after school activities, and the mom was doing all the work for her kids who started playing immediately after getting out of the car.  The mom was hauling multiple backpacks and lunchboxes and whatever else, while the kids did not contribute to the workload.  That action by the mom was teaching the girls that they are not able to help, and that is NOT having high expectations. I always maintain that children learn what we teach them, and if we teach them that they are not able, they will be unable… if we teach them that they are small, they will be small. When communicating with our children we must hold them and ourselves to a high standard and the results will be self-fulfilling.

This podcast concludes with a recap of the structure of my new book on parenting and how the 10 Governing Principles for effective communication with children are all inter-woven.  You can find my new parenting book here:


The next podcast will focus on the eighth governing principle from my new book for parents, so please stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, you can hear Podcast 25 here:


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