Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Ep. 41

For podcast #41, I decided to take a break from my recent series of discussions about the Q&A section of my parenting book.  That book is titled I LIKE HOW YOU SPEAK TO ME… A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH CHILDREN, and I truly appreciate all of the positive feedback on both the book and our podcast discussions about its content, but again, for this episode, I decided to share something different.

I am currently working on expanding the reach of my social-emotional learning efforts and expanding the reach of the content of my children’s picture books, and to that end, I am working on a video project for television or a streaming service.  That project is just in its early stages, but I did create a video for my prospective partners in which I talked a bit about my work, and for this podcast, I decided to simply share the audio of that video.  The audio is a little off-microphone and not the studio quality that you’re used to hearing on my podcasts because we shot the video informally on an iPhone, but I felt that the message that’s presented in that short video is so indicative of my work, that I felt strongly about sharing that audio with you.  It’s short, roughly 4 minutes, but it’s a nice peek inside some of the thought processes that go into my current projects that you see on www.learnwithmeremotely.com.

More than likely, I will get back into the conversation that we’ve been having about the content of my recently published parenting guide on the next podcast, and that will be focused on the 10th question in the Q&A section of my book about effective communication with children, so please stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, thanks for visiting and for listening.

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