Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Ep. 17

Episode 17 of my Podcast series went up online this week and it really is one of my favorite podcasts so far.  The inspiration for this new podcast was actually a portion of my radio interview discussion that took place on WDST, Woodstock, and that interview can be heard at any time as it was posted as Podcast #16.  During that radio appearance, there was another guest on the show who mentioned that, even though my work in social emotional learning is geared towards children, her opinion is that often adults could use the same kind of learning that we are offering to our children.   We address that in this podcast, and we talked about how we are what we pay attention to. I brought up the example of how some schools and educational administrators will offer lip service to social and emotional learning, but not actually follow through.   If we want our children to learn something, we need to focus on it, we need to model it and we need to discuss it.   If one is teaching or parenting, one needs to really create an environment in which supportive behavior exists and do it with sincerity.   Education requires repetition and it requires developmentally appropriate language.   Not every parent has the same skills, and that’s okay.   One can play into one’s own strength and to take the opportunity to do three things… to say what is needed, to say what do I have that can fulfill that need and what do I need to learn because I can’t fulfill that need yet.

If you’re just being introduced to my children’s books for the first time, I have developed an extensive series of single-story e-books and multi-story paperbacks for social and emotional learning.   They are picture books that can be read as children’s stories would be read… at bedtime or repeatedly.  The characters recur which gives children a sense of connection and relatability.  The books are all here on this website under the books tab, and they were all created to help busy parents have the tools and the language to support social and emotional learning at home or in schools… it’s my way of continuing to be of service in the field of education.


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