Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Episode 18

For my latest podcast episode, number 18 in my series, I decided to introduce a new area of discussion and the conversation in this podcast reflects a new project that I have taken on.

I have pleased to say that I’ve been getting a lot of nice feedback on my children’s book series for social and emotional learning, and I’ve also happily been getting feedback on my podcasts.  Part of that feedback has come in the form of requests.  Some requests that I get are suggestions for future topics for the children’s books, but interestingly, I’ve also recently been getting requests to write a book for parents.  The book that’s been suggested is essentially a guide or a manual on how to speak with children in a manner so that they will listen.

I’ve been working diligently on this new book, and I’ve come up with what I believe is a unique format.  I won’t reveal too much of that yet, but I do share in this podcast a key component of my forthcoming book and that is the parental guidance that I’m calling “The Ten General Principles for Communicating with Children.”   While I do like to acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for children, I do believe that these ten guiding principles will go very far in creating successful communication with children.

In this 18th podcast I actually enumerate these Ten General Principles and describe them in very broad terms.  I also let the listener know that in my next number of podcasts, I will be discussing these principles in greater detail one at a time.  For example, the first general principle is to BE HONEST, and how to do that when communicating with children will be the topic of my next podcast.  Meanwhile, this podcast runs down the whole list of general principles for communicating with children, and I hope that you find this information helpful for you and your family.


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