Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Ep 20

For my latest podcast episode, number 20 in my series, I am continuing on a path of discussion that was started recently.  Not long ago, I let listeners know that I am working on finishing a new book designed to help parents, and I outlined the concept for this new parenting book.  The book was inspired by input and requests from parents, and it’s about how to communicate effectively with children to get them to listen.

The backbone of this new book is something I am calling my “Ten Guiding Principles” for communicating with children.  Beginning with my last podcast, I started an ongoing theme where I delve deeper into each of the ten guiding principles one and a time, podcast after podcast, and this podcast contains the second discussion in that series.  So, the theme of this podcast is the second guiding principle that is a key to communicating with children, and this is BEING CLEAR AND HAVING CLARITY.

And by the way, I do point out at this point in the podcast that when teaching, nothing is done in isolation.  I bring that up because there are, again, TEN principles that govern good communication with children, and just doing one is not enough.  These principles are intertwined and generally all need to be boxes that are checked for completely effective communication with your children.

Regarding CLARITY, it is an important tenet because, as young learners, children have a lot of information coming at them.  If we are not careful, we can be imparting confusion.  When I was a teacher, I ALWAYS set my goal and intention first, and I would also ask myself if I am doing anything that would confuse my students.  Here are the keys… state your aim clearly upfront, and then less speaking is often best.  I provide an example which illustrates a bedtime conversation between a parent and child.  It’s a simple formula for success.

The next podcast will focus on the third guiding principle from my new book for parents, so please stay tuned for that. Thanks for visiting and for listening.  You can hear Podcast 20 here:






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