Teaching Humanity Remotely with Dr. Mindy Shaw – Podcast Ep 21

For my latest podcast episode, number 21 in this series, we continue talking about the central theme of my latest book project.  A few weeks ago, I let listeners know that I am working on finishing a new book designed FOR PARENTS.   That book is designed as a parenting guide for effective communication with children, and the opening section of the book which forms the backbone of the guide is something I am calling my “Ten Governing Principles” for communicating with children.

What I have been doing on my latest podcasts is delving deeper into each of the ten governing principles one and a time, podcast after podcast, and this podcast contains the third discussion in that series.  That means the theme of this podcast is the third principle that I see as essential for communicating with children, and the simple guidance offered by this third governing principle is DON’T OVER-SPEAK.

Over-speaking is a common mistake that we make in various aspects of our lives, and we do it when we are not confident.  Because children have a type of radar that allows them to detect when we are not honest, they can also detect when we are not sure of ourselves or the information we are imparting. This principle of not over-speaking works hand in hand with the first two principles of being honest and being clear.  Again, nothing is done in isolation, and there are TEN principles that govern good communication with children, and they are inter-related and just doing one is not enough.  Generally, all ten boxes need to be checked for completely effective communication with your children to occur.

The next podcast will focus on the fourth governing principle from my new book for parents, so please stay tuned for that. Thanks for visiting and for listening.  You can hear Podcast 21 here:



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